Jade Mountain

The Jade Mountain anthology is a collection of poems from ancient China that describe a life in harmony with nature, and in balance with Heaven and Earth. This image has been an inspiration for the book Archetypal Acupuncture, which integrates the Chinese model of the Five Elements with modern Jungian psychology. Jade Mountain is also a symbol used for a health centre, where practitioners provide an array of holistic healing modalities. Founder Dr. Gary Dolowich offers workshops that explore Archetypal Acupuncture for acupuncturists and the general public.

Our Jade Mountain web site includes pages dedicated to:

The exciting new book by Dr. Gary Dolowich, Archetypal Acupuncture: Healing with the Five Elements.

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Our health centre, located in Aptos, California.

Information about the Jade Mountain practitioners.

General information about living a life that reflects the wisdom of the Five Elements.

Workshops offered by Gary Dolowich, M.D.

JadeMountain Image

I follow the stream back to its Source,

and rest at the foot of Jade Mountain....

the Earth for  pillow,

and the great Heaven for coverlet.



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