Archetypal Acupuncture:
Healing with the Five Elements



1.  EAST MEETS WEST: The Place of Chinese Medicine in the Western World

2 CH’I:  The Breath of Heaven

3.  ANCIENT CHINESE WISDOM:  Numerology, Patterns in Nature from One to Eight

Tao:  The Unity of All Things

Yin and Yang:  The Balance of Complementary Pairs

Heaven-Earth-Man:  The Role of Human Beings in the Cosmic Order

The Number Four:  Organizing Time and Space

Models of Five, Six, and Seven

The Eight Trigrams of the I Ching:  The Soul of Chinese Medicine

4.  MODEL OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS:  Symbols of Energetic Movement and Their Associations

5.  THE CIRCLE OF ENERGIES:  Life’s Fundamental Patterns

Wood:  The Expansion of Springtime

Fire:  “You Have the Energy of the Sun in You”

Earth:  The Source of Nourishment

Metal:  Connection to the Spirit

Water:  Return to the Mysterious Stillness

6.  CF, THE CENTRAL FOCUS:  Our Primary Imbalance and the Place from which We Shine

7.  ARCHETYPAL PATTERNS IN POPULAR CULTURE:  The Five Elements in the Television Series Seinfeld

8.  THE TWELVE OFFICIALS:  The Family Within

The Liver and Gall Bladder

The Heart, Small Intestine, Three Heater, and Heart Protector

The Stomach and Spleen

The Colon and Lung

The Bladder and Kidney

The Chinese Clock


The Warrior:  Defender of the Boundaries

The Lover:  Appreciative Consciousness

The King:  Center of Calmness

The Queen:  The Great Mother

The Sage:  Archetype of Awareness

10.  SEASONS OF OUR LIVES:  Sheng Cycle Transformations Over Time

The Wood Stage:  Childhood and Youth

The Fire Stage:  Early Adult Years

The Earth Stage:  The Householder Phase

The Metal Stage:  A Time of Wisdom

The Water Stage:  Retirement and Rest

11.  RESOLVING EMOTIONAL IMBALANCES:  Deeper Insights into the K’o Cycle

Releasing Anger

Quieting Anxiety

When Sympathy Becomes Sickeningly Sweet

Enduring Existential Grief

Facing Our Fears

12.  ORIGINS OF THE FIVE ELEMENT MODEL:  The Shift from Four to Five in the I Ching

13.  SPIRITUAL RESOURCES OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS: The Ancient Chinese View of the Soul

14.  THE ELEMENT WITHIN THE ELEMENT:  Seinfeld Revisited

15.  CONCLUSION:  Enriching Our Lives with Archetypal Symbols


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